If you love chocolate and peanut butter then you are absolutely going to love this RAW treat recipe. I am a big fan of peanut butter and are always trying to find different ways to eat it other than straight from the jar! Below is recipe- enjoy! Base- 1/2 cup almonds 1/3 cup peanuts 1/3 cup pitted dates (medjool) 2… Read more →

Take CHARGE of your inner RHINO!

Have something to charge at in your life! It may be a career goal, an athletic goal, a financial goal, (all of the above) whatever it may be write it down and take CHARGE! In the wild rhinos will charge, bulls will charge and lions will charge. We have the same strength, power and determination in us waiting for us… Read more →

Front Squat

Huge PB in training tonight! This was my 1RM 2 weeks ago, I hit it for a triple – 90kg Can see a few things to work on to get a better position but very happy over all! Now to just Clean it- then Jerk it! Read more →

Follow Your dreams

Here is a really great inspiring and motivating video. Whether it be break dancing or not everyone is entitled to achieving everything they want. We can have everything we’ve imagined. It requires hard work, consistency, time and a lot of dedication. It also means to surround yourself with like minded positive people. These people will help bring the best out… Read more →

The CrossFit Open and Regionals wrap up- 2014

So the time of year that we all wait for is now over! No more sleepless nights, no more dreaming about the WODS, no more mood swings, no more clicking refresh on the leader board…… the list could go on! What a build up it has been for me to get to this point again! I was very fortunate enough… Read more →

Tips for peak performance – Eating Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates plus the carbohydrate from fruits and milk should make up approximately 60% of your daily diet. Glycogen stores can be increased by eating plenty of complex carbohydrates. Endurance athletes should aim for a high intake of carbohydrate at all times, rather than trying to ‘carb load’ just before an event. Carbohydrates have the lowest kilojoule content (less then… Read more →

The Role of Fat

Body fat is a potential source of fuel for exercise. Most people have sufficient body fat to provide fatty acids for fuel for days of continuous physical activity. The longer exercise lasts, the more fat is used as a source of fuel. It is as if the body knows that it must make its glycogen stores last as long as… Read more →

Stretching and Flexibility

Stretching is an important part of exercise programs, yet it’s often neglected. This can jeopardise a programs long term effectiveness. Stretching 2-3 times a week makes your exercise more effective and you body more supple. Regular stretching keeps you flexible and helps prevent muscle injury and soreness. It improves muscle elasticity by increasing blood flow to the muscles and helps… Read more →

Are you warming up and cooling down

Warming up before exercise involves slowly building up activity so that blood flow to the muscles increases and warms the tissue, the heart rate slowly increases, and adrenalin is released to lubricate the joint. A warm up should relate to the exercise that you’re about to do. If you are going to exercise your legs, do a light jog, a… Read more →